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History Tour of San José del Cabo

It is time to discover the real Los Cabos. 

Beyond beaches, resorts and parties, there is a local community with rich history and culture.

Live a unique outdoor experience learning the authentic historical highlights of Los Cabos, the Californian peninsula and Mexico.

In this 1.5 hour group city tour, we will walk 1 mile around the old town sightseeing and learning about the history, culture and legends; how the ‘Pericu’ tribe lived, the conqueror Hernán Cortés, the Pacific Ocean Pirates, the Mission church, the battle in the San José del Cabo main square, famous celebrities and more... With so many stories to tell, we skip the shopping and driving for you to do in your own free time.

An Ethical Tour to benefit the community of Los Cabos

By hiring this tour; you are contributing and supporting a Community Project that is rescuing local identity through education.

How does this Community Project work?

We organize free educational field trips which we call Free Historical Walking Tours for Public School Students and new resident immigrants. Our objective is to awaken local identity.

Why is local identity so important?

A loving community works and grows together. Los Cabos, the fastest growing County in Mexico is in much need of reinforcing education about the town’s culture.

For children and new residents alike, a crucial step of becoming part of the community is learning about its past, its customs and its traditions. With more young people and adults having better knowledge and understanding, we can create a greater sense of respect, pride and belonging, and people will care more for the place they call home.

So how am I contributing by hiring this tour as a visitor?

Tours for tourists generate a sustainable income method to fund the free tours and the transportation of the school students to and from the tour.

“...Join the tour, be a responsible tourist and support local community thru this project with a good cause!”

Kristian Sandoval

Proud Local Host

Come to escape, stay to discover.