Learn About San José del Cabo While Contributing to the Local Community

In the heart of San José del Cabo’s historical center, you’ll find the exquisite town square known as Plaza Mijares. During the Mexican American War (1846-1846) US marines briefly occupied the city, Mexicans were victorious in the bloody siege that ensued. Their victory was achieved under the leadership of Mexican Naval officer Jose Antonio Mijares; the man whom the plaza is named after.

This is but one of the many fascinating stories to be told about San José del Cabo. Are you interested in learning more about the history of this fabulous destination in paradise? There is no better San José storyteller than Kristian with Cabo City Tours. Hear fascinating tales about ancient tribes, legends, battles, geography, anthropology, architecture and much more on this easy, family-friendly, and wheelchair and stroller friendly, one-mile walking tour.

While it may be hard to believe that it gets any better than a personalized fun and fact-filled walking tour of San José del Cabo’s historical center…it does! Cabo City Tours offers ethical tours that give back to the local community. They organize free field trips for public schools, NGOs and new residents with an objective of awakening local identity. Proceeds are used to fund free tours and transportation for students.

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