Francois París Art Show

October 27th to November 6th 2016

For the Art Walk opening, Nathalie is inviting you to an opening cocktail party from 5 to 7 pm – Free!

Paris Francois

From the suburbs of Paris, to California , from here to there.
Now living in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico , maybe this time, he will find his home port. To better caricaturize this artist, would be a phoenix , many lives in one, reborn again and again.

His sense of authenticity, raw, primitive, without compromise. His many influences are connected to one long tradition of his past experience in many crafts. One could say, that he has distilled, digested, and recycled from these experiences, like all the different materials that he loves to use in his creations.

His paintings are usually started with no preconceived idea, no plan and no premeditation. He lets himself be taken for a drive and is surprised by his reaction of the end product. He makes his own rules, he then adapts, controls and masters them, to finally get to this idea, the creative impulse of the unconscious departure.

In most of his work, he assumes a simplification of form, a flattening of perspective. Sometimes he uses sweet and sour colors, almost infantile and naïve. Like a child carrying his wounds and his failures, like bitter memories mixed with a pastel pallet and a splash of rough, textured color.

The direct introduction of numbers and lettters work in his paintings, as well as collage and paper application. Variations of shades, grey tones to brown, punctuated by other notes that sing. His paintings always touch the essential and in a very personal way, address the uncomfortable

Symbiosis of an atypical, self/taught artist and is works

From the beaux art of Paris

Come to escape, stay to discover.